I was lucky enough to have a Belief Code session with John and I highly recommend both the method and the healer!
The Belief Code goes deep, right to the core of our subconscious programming and what John found was incredibly on point and useful to observe and – above all – to finally let go. I feel relief, clarity and a deep sense of acceptance now, the lovely peace of healing.
John is extremely professional, reliable, kind, compassionate and careful and I felt very comfortable working with him. I asked for a mail session and John was so kind and generous to send both a written report AND a recording video of the session and this was PERFECT: it was like I was there with him, but I could enjoy and integrate the session with my own time.
I already referred John to my closest friends and I do advice and recommend to work with him and experience the incredible relief this kind of work can bring in your own life!!!
Thank you from my heart, John! Maria Alessandra Scalici (March, 2014)