Empower your emotional freedom!

Achieve the highest level of emotional healing to resolve the past and return to a more centered joyful state of being with verifyable results, and establishing empowering patterns of new behaviours to create the life your deserve.



The root causes of your physical, mental and emotional issues causing your stress, pain or illness



Emotional baggage, imbalances, and self limiting beliefs that block your way to health, joy and happiness



New subconscious empowering core beliefs to realign you towards your goals and optimise every aspect of your life

No need to travel for sessions. Optionally, I work in-person, face to face over the internet using Zoom, by phone or by email with immediately verifyable equal and consisent results!

This approach is unlike anything you may have experienced before.

Using intuition and applied kineseology and intention, it is possible to connect with your subconscious intelligence at any distance and release imbalances and false belief systems, created in your past, installing new empowering systems in their place.

I also also work with families and younger children, even our pets, given permission interactively or otherwise, to create remarkable changes.

With over 10 years of experience using these methods the results prove themselves as reliable and their remarkable ability to transform lives at any distance.

Book a Belief Code Session

Single Session

1x Session, 90 mins

£90 UKP

  • Release the painful past
  • Stop negative thought patterns &  fear
  • Create positive habits & thought patterns
  • Live without anxiety & prolonged stress
  • Eradicate panic attacks – anxiety – depression
  • Live pain free
  • Transform Trauma
  • Remove self doubt, anger & resentment
  • Realise your most fulfilling life path
  • Increase energy & immune function
  • Gain self confidence
  • Supercharge your career
  • Have great relationships

Sessions can be over Zoom, or by email.


Online payments taken using Stripe. Local currencies translated at checkout.


Session reports and additional bespoke higher-self ‘scripting’ exercises provided to further extend the session work in your own time.

Book a Three Dimensional Therapy Session

First Session

1x Session, 2 hours

  • Includes additional 30 mins during session for questions and answers.
  • Inclusive of additional analysis work (biographical questions send to you in advance), prior to session.

£120 UKP

Additional Session

1x Session, 90 mins

  • For follow-up sessions that may be required.

£90 UKP

Special Offer, 3x additional sessions

5% Savings

  • A great option for a deep level of core belief healing
  • Any sessions not required are refunded

£256 UKP

Special Offer, 5x additional sessions

10% Savings

  • A great option for a deep level of core belief healing
  • Any sessions not required are refunded


I really like John's approach. I did Three Dimensional Therapy with him and he is kind, patient, understanding, and non-judgmental. He really cares, and was there for me. He also takes the time to make sure the wording is perfect with the new beliefs, and that I am fully comfortable with it, prior to replacing negative beliefs. I highly recommend working with him.

- Nechamy

Are you willing to be open to create your new life by taking the next step along that journey?

Do you have a sense that life could somehow be more fulfilling and that perhaps something you are holding on to is holding you back from living your life to its fullest?

What if you could use simple and gentle methods to become more aligned to your true self and with it the freedom that happens by releasing long-forgotten and buried feelings that block your life energy?

If you are new to complimentary energy healing, this is an ideal option.

We will spend 30 mins discussing how you may benefit from energy therapy.

I will demonstrate identifying an emotional imbalance from your past you are carrying and release it.

You will also receive a basic distance exam identifying main imbalances that can be worked in the future.


Energy therapy services

Regain control of your life by identifying, releasing and replacing our limited core belief with empowering core beliefs using Three Dimensional Therapy


An innovative method based around Core Belief Therapy which has been proven on a consistent basis. Clients report amazing changes for the better, in their lives and and lives of their loved ones in much shorter spaces of time in comparison to more traditional methods.  It helps to identify and change our beliefs that effect and shaping our life in less than desirable ways.

The Belief Code

Unearth unwanted subconscious beliefs to free your mind, body, and spirit.


Remove negative belief systems in the subconscious mind with this groundbreaking new form of energy healing. Building on foundational concepts taught in the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™, the Belief Code® takes energy healing even further.

Overcome your inner obstacles to health and wellbeing with the Body Code, safely and gently with this energy releasing and rebalancing system.

A wellness aid and method for disease prevention, the Body Code system is used to detect and energetically correct all 6 major areas of imbalance including: pathogens, misalignments, nutrition and lifestyle, circuits and systems, and energies. Includes The Emotion Code.

A simple and powerful method of finding and releasing old trapped emotions around your heart forever using The Emotion Code.

Clearing your heart wall emotions one layer at a time. To allow you to freely give and receive love in a pure way without restriction. Helps with depression, isolation, numbness and blocks to success.

This is all about getting the energy of your business right; getting it strong, and how the business can bless you in return.


It is generally accepted that a successful business is a result of going out there and doing it, but a lot of it is about allowing things to happen by clearing blocked energies that the business may have accumulated.

There are lots of life coaches out there giving you the right insights, tutorial and videos, but if you have problems with increasing your energy to match your goal then we get in the habit of ever learning things without moving forward.


Are you finding that attracting that new job a helpless or lopeless task finding it impossible to get ahead?  Perhaps you are in a situation you feel unable to ask for what you are worth (and be able to receive it!!!). This is an area most of us are challenged by at some point.

The Abundance Breakthrough Package provides a thorough and structured way of evaluating your current abundance status, clarifying your own personal goals, your alignment with those goals, the mode you are operating from (abundance, stagnation, lack) etc and most importantly uses the Body Code to clear blocks to attracting the your own life purpose you desire.

Heart Wall Clearing is one of the most powerful approaches to clearing blocks to love, success and creativity and has created massive changes in my clients lives. Yet for many people there are still blocks to creating a relationship that works.  Many people grow up with poor role models for love and relating, are still unconsciously closed to love, feel undeserving, have poor conflict resolution skills. The resonating relationships program, addresses all these areas.


Suitable for people currently in a relationship or single and wishing to create more rapport and attract that special relationship that works.

I believe that you can live a life free of physical pain and negative emotional patterns.  With the help of Three Dimensional Therapy, The Body Code and The Emotion Code, you can bring fulfilment and love and peace to your life and potentially live free of pain. Sessions can be over the phone, via Skype or Zoom or even discretely by email in the case of a busy schedule.



Releasing trapped energy using Three Dimensional Therapy, The Body Code or any other type of Energy Healing practiced whether in person or by proxy, is not a substitute for medical care. This information is not intended as medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. Information given to you is not intended to be a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional. If you have questions or concerns about your health, please contact your healthcare provider. Energy Healing is believed to promote harmony and balance within relieving stress and supporting the body's natural ability to heal. Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective compliment to conventional medical care.  Healing sessions are strictly confidential.  Your personal information will never be shared with anyone. No guarantee is made towards validity. Use this information at your own risk. This service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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