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Heart Wall ‘Transformation’ Package

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Heart Wall Clearing using the Body Code

Have you ever felt this pain in your heart, like it’s heavy or breaking?  You may be uncomfortable, currently going through some emotional trauma.  Theres actually something happening with your subconscious which creates a defence mechanism, a layer over your heart to protect it.

Another important key to free your heart from the tyranny of old emotional baggage and a lack of love and abundance is to release the heart-wall energy!

Many people create this heart wall very early on, sometimes in the third trimester before birth, in the womb of their mother, and this becomes a reflex for them to keep creating layers over their heart wall.

Every time that you experience some kind of emotional trauma where your heart feels in danger, it potentially further adds energetic layers of protection to protect it from similar traumas, taken from existing trapped emotions you are holding onto.

These heart walls vary in size on an individual case by case, depending on trauma experienced, with the larger walls creating more psychological issues. 

According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, founder or the Emotion Code, around 93% of people have this.


"The Heart Wall has been called the most important discovery in energy medicine"

Quote from Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of the Emotion Code Book

What are the 5 symptoms of the Heart Wall?

Low Immune system / Low Energy

Indecisiveness of mission – A lack of match between heart life desires and conscious goals, or that you don’t know your life mission

A desensitized heart – Maybe you see it more than feel it. This can lead to codependency on someone or thing to fill up your heart which is not fulfilling.  This can also lead to accepting physical, emotion or sexual abuse which leads to anxiety, depression, ptsd and panic attacks

Your love communication get estranged. By your hearts messages having to pass through all these different negative emotions, what may have started out as butterfly get received a strange contorted creature by the other party. This leads to miscommunication even though good intentions were there

Abundance and wealth. I you are constantly when is my next big break, your heart wall will block you

What are the qualitites of someone without a Heart Wall?

They are in tune with their life mission

You can feel an amazing quality of love emanating from them

They would have a great sense of focus in being in-tune with others and being a good listener

How serious are you in finding who you are behind that heart wall?

What would it be like to have complete peace with your past?

We are taking things away from you that while served to protect you in the past, in the longer term it was preventing good things coming to you as well.