Life Purpose Coaching – Welcome

Welcome and I am honoured to help you in order to make a difference in your life.  To create your unique purpose, vision and intention to allow you to live in alignment with your own purpose, to make a difference in your life and for those around you, and I want to congratulate you on your commitment to doing that.

This supplementary course optionally available to all may therapy clients, will give you the tools, foundation and the concrete plan you will need in order to find your purpose.


In traditional terms a life couch will provide accountability, a mirror, be your cheerleader, and generally the power behind what is offered. To help you see a different perspective and reality away from your own biases and limiting beliefs, within your own box of understanding.


A life coach will help to bring up a different solutions, away from your own emotional investment, as being able to see outside the box.


The level of thinking that brought you to this stage in life is not necessarily the same pattern of thinking that will allow you to get to the next stage in life.


By also scheduling an additional life coaching / Three Dimensional therapy session/s , I can help you create that inner voice of reason, to support you to help create that drive to succeed in what you want to do, which is to live a life of purpose and meaning.


A life coaches purpose is not to sell you an idea on what your purpose and is, although this is exciting when we think we can see it, because we all have different perspectives and biases in life.  Part of my role is to provide you with the tools to help you develop that foundation within yourself to come out and discover your own purpose.  It is meant in a way that its like stepping stones, so you will be able to go through a process of discovery so that you are empowered to create your own ‘aha’ moment of discovery.


 By exposing, identifying and working through blocks, you will become more excited and passionate about your process, of discovering your passion and purpose, in creating your new journey to thrive and see this within yourself.


Interactive session/s with me and the tools provided will help identify areas of excitement you may miss, to see things you don’t see, be that excitement, or limitations you may have.  This awareness is what is going to help you transform.


 Change can be scary, and this will lead to doubts at times. As a life coach my role is to help you get past those life struggles, and doubt, in order to develop that confidence within yourself.  This may involve reminders of encouragement from past achievements.

These resources will give you the tools, the support and concrete plan necessary for your own empowered change.