” I had a wonderful Three Dimensional Therapy (T3) session with John Drinkwater today over Skype. I am also an energy healer, certified in The Emotion Code and using The Body Code for my own healing path. When I was recently using The Body Code for some pain in my left shoulder that kept returning, I was taken to a window in The Body Code software that suggested that I could benefit from a T3 Session. When I learned that T3 can detect and remove negative core beliefs and the wording of the belief within a person’s subconscious mind, I intuitively knew that this was the deeper level I needed to reach to make the strong, lasting shift that was necessarily to get relief from the pain.
I actually went to the T3 practitioner’s directory and decided to schedule with John because my own muscle testing indicated that he was the best choice for this issue. I am so glad I did. John spent plenty of time with me to thoroughly uncover the negative core beliefs and to replace them with words that were empowering and healing. He has lovely energy, is very kind and highly intuitive. My shoulder pain went away completely the day after our session and has not returned in the three weeks since. I highly recommend John Drinkwater for anyone seeking energy healing on a very deep and lasting level. I will be scheduling another session with him soon!”   ~ Ginny Miller, Pacific Grove, CA